About us


Established in 2010, Performance Management Innovation Ltd is a young but experienced company with a passion for improving overall company performance through the use of intelligent, powerful and easy to use KPI Dashboard solutions.  We have created Operational Dashboards and Management Tools for a diverse range of customers throughout the UK. The company is situated in Penarth, near Cardiff.


Jed Shields - Director and Owner


Jed has fifteen years experience with creating and maintaining metrics in a number of companies in both manufacturing and defence industries.  He has experience across a range of differing departments: from the supply chain, shop floor, finance to quality. A long history with Lean and Six Sigma philosophy also enabled him to improve the efficiency of data collection and manipulation, leading to less time required to gather and present the data and more time to focus on managing the issues presented.


Jed's greatest achievement (so far!) was reducing the time taken in preparing a suite of metrics for a weekly management meeting from 2.5 days down to 10 minutes.  This was achieved through improvements at all stages of the process:  data collection, data entry and automating lengthy manual processes.




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