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Primary School Dashboard

I've recently created a number of dashboards for some local Primary Schools that measure

pupil progress accross a number of subjects throughout their school life.  The Dashboards

have a number of useful views, including:


    Year View - where the scores of every pupil can be viewed together for a selected year

    Class View - similar to the Year View but for a single class

    Pupil View - shows all the scores for a single pupil throughout his school life



Castledene Branch KPI Dashboard

The Castledene Group is a highly successful letting agency in the North of England, consisting

of a number of branches and each branch having a number of portfolio managers.  I created

a number of Branch Dashboards so that each Castledene branch could measure theirportfolio

managersagainst a number of KPIs.  I also created a Master Dashboard that the owner could

use as a way of viewing all of the branches in one place.




Castledene Branch KPI Dashboard User Guide

Video guide showing the Castledene Branch KPI Dashboard in use.




Provider Dashboard

EPS measure a number of service providers throughout Wales and reports to the Welsh

Government.  Each service provider has it's own dashboard so that they can see how they're

performing.  I also created a Master Dashboard so that the Welsh Government could see all

the provider data in one place.




General demonstration videos

These videos show a number of techniques that PMi Ltd use when creating Dashboards.




Tutorial videos

Video guides to some basic MS Excel functions that may prove of use to you.





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