KPI Dashboard Features


Data Entry

Simplify data entry by using built in forms.  These not only speed up the process but also greatly reduce the chance of error.  Forms can consist of drop down lists and check boxes to ensure that the user can only input the correct data.  Comments boxes can be restricted to a set number of characters so that any comments will always be shown in full.
















We ensure that anyone can find their way around our Dashboards by implementing an intuitive navigation system.  This starts with a "Home" page where the main sections of the Dashboard can be selected.  Once you are into the lower levels then you can use the navigational panel to move between KPI sheets within the Dashboard.













RAG Status

Using Red, Amber or Green (RAG) to highlight the current state of a KPI is an incredibly powerful visual way of showing where your problems are without the need for studying the data in detail.  With a page full of KPIs you can easily spot the areas of concern and tackle them immediately.  PMi Ltd combine RAG status with standard charts to improve the message that your Dashboard is conveying.




















Add password protection to your Dashboards so that only those required can add or delete data.  Anyone else can still use the Dashboard to look at the charts, but they won't be able to change the data.






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